Some Tattoos by Troy

A Note fromT-Roy about how lame this website is.....

Facebook is incredibly easy to use as a portfolio, and this website is much more complicated... and you love Farmville. You should probably just follow the link to the Facebook page.

True Blue Electric Tattoo is the home shop of Troy (formerly of Imagine That), Baker (formerly of Pay'n Dues and Born This Way), Maya (formerly of Saint and Born This Way) and Leta (former tattoodler at Imagine That.) http://s254.photobucket.com/albums/hh105/spikevegas/shop%20slideshow%20nov2011/?albumview=slideshow   

if the link above works, it will take you to a photobucket slideshow of the artists' work. if not, well, i suck at website building.

Now it is still impossible to tattoo over the information superhighway, so to get some work, you'll have to come by the shop in person, at 3712Walker Blvd just off of Broadway. We are behind Fisher Tire in the same shopping center as Harby's Pizza and Deli.  If you need help finding the shop, call me at 865-573-7500 betwixt the hours of 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, which, coincidentally is also the times in which the shop is open.


3712 Walker Blvd - Knoxville tn, 37917


email: troyarmadillo@gmail.com